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Terms & Conditions

Subject to the Terms and Conditions mentioned below, this product offers you telephonic legal advice on the following matters;

  • Civil Law issues such as contracts, insurance, consumer disputes
  • Criminal Law issues such as advice on bail, criminal charges laid against you
  • Labour Law issues such as unfair dismissal, employment contracts, CCMA disputes
  • Family Law issues such as divorce, maintenance, custody, Wills & Testaments
  1. Legal mediation on any of the legal matters referred to above, apply where you are involved in your capacity. This means consultations with legally qualified advisors employed by LOGME who will then interact with third parties with whom you have a legal dispute to resolve the matter without going to court. This means that they will use alternative dispute methods to prevent formal litigation or legal action. All communication under this benefit will be delivered by phone calls, emails, letters, and faxes. This benefit may be used up to (2) times per year.
  2. The option of being referred to an accredited legal practitioner for legal assistance other than telephonic advice. Although this cost will be for your account, the legal practitioner will charge you preferential rates when you are referred to him/her by LOGME.
  3. Access to LOGME’s Legal Library, which includes the following documents.
    • Basic Wills
    • Employment Agreements
    • Power of Attorney
    • Contracts of Sale (movable and immovable property)
    • Rental Agreements
    • Acknowledgment of Debt

Terms and conditions

The following Terms and Conditions shall apply when making use of this service:

  1. Legal advice, mediation, referrals, and access to legal documents will only be available to you, the client, in your personal and private capacity where you have a direct interest in the matter. You will not be assisted if you act in a business capacity or where you have no direct interest in the matter at hand.
  2. Legal assistance will be limited to business hours only (i.e. Monday to Friday 08h00 to 16h30,
    excluding public holidays).
  3. It will remain your obligation to provide us with all the information, evidence, documents, contracts, and statements that, at our discretion, are deemed necessary to advise you in terms of this service.
  4. This product is service-based, will not cover any legal expenses incurred by you (i.e. no indemnity), and excludes representation in any court or similar forum.
  5. All services are rendered by qualified legal advisors via LOGME’s contact center.
  6. All communication between you and our call centre will be limited to telephone calls and emails.
  7. After referring you to a legal practitioner in terms of the referral benefit, we accept no responsibility or liability for services rendered by such a legal practitioner. Our only obligation will be to put you in contact with a suitable legal practitioner and ensure that you are charged preferential rates.
  8. Access to our Legal Library will entail providing you with standard documents and advising you on the contents as well as how to complete and sign it legally.
  9. You may only make use of the Mediation Benefit up to two (2) times per year, i.e. for up to (two) 2 different matters.